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190go! Carbon fibre kit 4 section with XPRO 3-way head

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  • Shoot from all angles with a 90 ° rotating camera tripod
  • Precise framing thanks to three independent levers

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Бренд: Manfrotto

Артикул: MK190GOC4-3WX

Колекція: 190

Де купити

This Manfrotto's 190go! M series high-performance carbon tripod kit with 3-way head is the ideal solution for professional photographers who want maximum performance and lightness combined with classic design on their most demanding projects , complete with one of Manfrotto's highly successful compact heads.

This professional tripod is the lightest, most compact solution in the 190 range. It mounts the M-lock system, which is designed for photographers looking for a fast locking mechanism allowing the tripod to be setup in seconds , leaving the user free to concentrate on the shot they wish to capture.

The M-lock can be engaged or disengaged with a single 90 ° rotation movement. Besides enabling immediate set up, the M-lock is highly ergonomic and ensures precise movements and high stability, even with heavy loads. Moreover, this mechanism has no protruding parts, which means the 190go! M series can slip into and out of its storage pocket effortlessly.

The tripod also has a built-in 90 ° column mechanism in its top casting, which stays safely stored away until needed. When it's time to use it, just raise it with a single finger, letting the centre column swing out into the horizontal position. Combined with the tripod's four leg angles, this mechanism gives perfect stability for shooting on uneven ground.

The new 190go! Carbon M-series + MHXPRO-3W head kit enjoys professional tripod status because it features new Carbon Fibre tubing. Indeed, this tripod's carbon fibre legs are the perfect mix of supreme lightness and stability. The carbon legs, combined with the twist locks make this tripod the most portable among the Manfrotto professional range.

The 190go! M series high-performance carbon tripod + MHXPRO-3W head kit includes Manfrotto 's most advanced 3-way head, the compact solution for more precise, reliable shooting. The innovative X-PRO 3-Way Head enables photographers to create outstanding images in the moment. With friction controls on the tilt and portrait axes you can fine -tune your composition to frame and shoot as accurately as possible. The unique retractable levers also offer a new level of portability by taking up even less space.

The 190go! M-series can easily be set to 4 independent leg-angle positions, enabling photographers the versatility of easily changing shooting perspectives intuitively and effortlessly finding the right tripod height without losing focus on the shot at hand. Just like the regular versions of Manfrotto's professional grade 190 tripods, the Easy Link attachment in its top casting turns the 190go! M-series into a mobile studio, allowing it to hold a LED light reflector or other accessories, for maximum creative freedom, enabling shots that were previously only achievable with heavily accessorised tripods.

The 190go! M-series perfectly embodies Manfrotto 's core Made in Italy DNA, in which world-leading design, cutting-edge technology, innovation and solid quality converge for the ultimate user experience.

Колекція 190
Бульбашковий рівень (кількість) 3
Вага 2.3 kg
Вага безпечної корисного навантаження 6 kg
Верхнє кріплення 1/4″ винт, 3/8″ винт
Діаметр бази 60 mm
Діаметр верхнього диска 60 mm
діаметр труб ніг 14.7, 18.2, 21.7, 25.3 mm
Довжина в складеному вигляді 59 cm
Колір Черный
Контроль тертя Да
Кріплення Easy Link Да
кут розстановки ніг 25°,46°,66°,88°
Мінімальна висота 9 cm
Мінімальна робоча температура -30 °C
Максимальна висота 160 cm
максимальна висота (без центральної колони) 135.5 cm
Максимальна робоча температура 60 °C
Матеріал Алюміній, Вуглепластик
Нахил вперед -30° / +90°
Незалежна похила ручка Yes
Незалежна ручка горизонтального панорамування Yes
Панорамне обертання 360 °
Поперечний нахил -30° / +90°
Секції ніг 4
Система для нахилів ОТСУТСТВУЕТ
Система для панорамування ОТСУТСТВУЕТ
Тип голови 3-осьова голова
Тип майданчики 200PL-14
Тип ніг Одинарные
Тип фіксатора ніг Twist Lock
центральна колона Скользящая
Швидкознімна система Да
Штативная сумка в комплекті Yes